Let me start off by saying Thank You for visiting my online resume.

Being able to design and create works of art using the computer has been my goal since beginning my college career. To ensure that I acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to become a 3D and 2D Graphic Designer, I attended ITT Tech to increase my knowledge of the world of 3D Design and Graphics and earned my Bachelor degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. I graduated from the DAVE School (Digital Art and Visual Effects) in 2009 with my Occupational Associate degree, with the education I received there I increased my knowledge of Film, 3D Modeling and Compositing.

I am equally comfortable working independently or as part of a team and am highly motivated to provide an excellent product on time and under budget. I have experience with NewTek Lightwave, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and other various programs.

Other skills I can bring to any organization include:

For more detailed information please refer to my enclosed resume.

Compositing Demo Reel
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